Legionella Risk Assessments

Risk Assessment for Legionaire's Disease

Owners and Managers of buildings which include schools, hotels, nursing homes, leisure centres, caravan parks, etc, have a legal duty to manage Legionella control and prevention within the water systems they are responsible for on a day-to-day basis. These include swimming pools, Jacuzzi’s, spas, hydrotherapy pools, and hot and cold water systems.

At Pioneer Maintenance Services, we can help remove that responsibility via Legionella Risk Assessments, to include the following:

We will survey your property;

We will identify possible areas of risk, including flow patterns, water temperatures, showers, tank sealing, and tank integrity;

We will implement the required remedial action, i.e. chlorination and cleaning in accordance with the relevant L8 Standards;

We will provide laboratory analysis and the associated documentation;

We will supply you with an HSE log book.

We will supply a schematic drawing of your pipework, for inspections.

Contact us for more information about how we can help you become compliant. Our water system and swimming pool legionella risk assessments will help ensure that your business or premises are compliant with the latest health and safety guidelines.

Legionella is the name given to the group of bacteria responsible for a pneumonia-like infection of the lower respiratory tract. These bacteria occur naturally within all common water courses, such as rivers, lakes, streams and reservoirs.

The disease can only be contracted by inhaling airborne water droplets – it cannot be transmitted between people. Today, some 200-300 cases of Legionnaires’ Disease are reported in England and Wales each year. The elderly, heavy smokers and those with respiratory problems are most at risk.